Black Educator Creates New Spin on Traditional Nursery Rhymes For Elementary School Kids

The Rhymes of the Times: Black Nursery Rhymes book is a much-needed update to the stories and fairy tales of yesterday. Not only does it pay tribute to our heroes and leaders of the past, but provides relevance for our up-and-coming young people. It even honors a few modern-day heroes with the rhymes, “Think Like Steve,” “Walk by Faith and Master Your Mind,” and “Oprah, Oprah!” which honors comedian/author Steve Harvey, millionaire/entrepreneur Joe L. Dudley, and billionaire and media guru, Oprah Winfrey respectively.
rhymes are in a new colorful format and feature rhymes such as “Martin Had a Little Dream,” which can be read on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Another rhyme, “Off to The White House,” is the only nursery rhyme to be written about the first Black President, Barack Obama. Imagine at 4-year-old a child telling you about Barack Obama or Harriet Tubman?

Rhymes Of The Times-Black Nursery Rhymes


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