New Book by Award-Winning Black Trademark Attorney Becomes #1 Amazon Best Seller

New Book by Award-Winning Black Trademark Attorney Becomes #1 Amazon Best Seller

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Protecting Your Brand helps readers understand the importance and value of trademarks, navigate the lengthy and complex U.S. federal trademark registration process, and maintain their trademarks after they have been registered. The book includes practical tips, interactive charts, templates, and more.

As Harris states in her book, “A U.S. federal trademark registration is essentially like a birth certificate for your business. Trademark protection isn’t just for major corporations. Startups and emerging businesses need them too.”

So many new businesses have emerged during this pandemic, and a lot of them lack the capital and cash flow to afford legal services. This book is an affordable resource that entrepreneurs and business owners can reference for legal protection.





In the book, readers learn:

• What a trademark is and how it protects their business

• How to conduct a trademark search, and prepare and file an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

• Common pitfalls in the U.S. trademark registration process and when to engage an attorney

Business owners mistakenly believe that they own their business name because they filed an LLC or corporation, purchased the domain name, and secured the social media handle. Obtaining a U.S. federal trademark registration is the only way to establish actual legal ownership and protection in their business name, and ensure that no one steals it. Not protecting their trademarks can spell trouble and even force businesses to stop using the brand they’ve spent years to establish.



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