Black Cop Shoots Armed White Woman That Calls Him 'N*GGER' [Watch Here]

BLACK COP, White Woman -

Black Cop Shoots Armed White Woman That Calls Him 'N*GGER' [Watch Here]

The Bossier Parish district attorney says the police officer who fatally shot a woman last week was justified.

And the Bossier City Police Department has released video of the moments leading to her death.

District Attorney Schuyler Marvin sent a letter to Police Chief Shane McWilliams on Monday saying the district attorney’s office spoke with BCPD investigators and reviewed the videos.

“Based on all evidence reviewed, it is my firm opinion that no crime was committed by the officer as his actions constituted justifiable homicide," Marvin wrote in the letter.

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It was Friday, Oct. 25, when Officer Patrick Edmonds Jr. responded to a disturbance at LaQuinta Inn on Preston Boulevard in Bossier City.

Shannon Rupert was in the hotel lobby and had a pair of scissors that she refused to drop when the officer repeatedly told her to do so, police say.

Video from the officer’s body camera and the hotel’s security system show Rupert behind the hotel’s reception desk waving what looks like scissors while talking on the phone.

You can hear the officer repeatedly tell Rupert to put the scissors down.

Rupert “aggressively approached the officer with scissors in hand" before Edmonds fired two shots at Rupert’s chest, according to the Police Department.