BREAKING NEWS: Suspect arrested after driving erratically through the INSIDE of Chicago mall [Video below]

A suspect has been arrested for driving erratically through the inside of a Chicago mall in an SUV in a chaotic rampage that as mistaken for an active shooter.  

The incident is unfolding at Woodfield mall in Schaumburg on Friday afternoon. 

Fox 32, a local outlet, initially reported that there were fears a shooter was on the scene. They corrected their story shortly afterwards to say it was a false alarm.  

Videos on Twitter are circulating showing a person driving through the inside of the mall in an SUV. 

It is unclear if there are any injuries. The SUV driver, after driving frantically past stores, crashed into a podium.  

The driver was led away in handcuffs. Witnesses say he damaged the front of Forever 21 among other stories. , ,  

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