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By : Hilal Rahman -

Suge Knight wants to keep the cash coming in while he's behind bars and he's reportedly enlisted Ray J to help him. Monday (Oct. 21), TMZ reported that Suge has officially signed over his life rights to Ray, with the expectations that the singer/reality star will make some lucrative deals for him on the outside. This includes but isn't limited to film projects, TV shows, books and more. According to the report, a documentary about Suge and Death Row Records is already in the works, as well as a Tupac album. There are even talks of reviving Death Row, but apparently...

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Urban areas are difficult for someone who wants to maintain a fresh diet. The main reason is money: fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive, because the produce has to be shipped and you end up paying for the delivery cost more than for the quality of the product itself. With the Mobile Good Food Market, you can have your fresh veggies and greens without traveling. Thanks to a collaboration between FoodShare Toronto ,the City of Toronto, and United Way Toronto, an old bus was converted into what is a mobile food market. Everything from broccoli and lettuce, to apples and...

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