Kit Kat Is Reportedly Launching A Cookies And Cream Flavor This Year And People Are Freaking Out.

Photo credit: Instagram @junkfoodleaks_


Keeping up with new Kit Kat flavors is a full-time job in itself, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The Lemon Crisp flavor recently hit shelves, and Hershey’s just confirmed that the Birthday Cake flavor would be coming out this year. Now there is reportedly a cookies and cream flavor in the works.

According to Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_, the page that revealed the Birthday Cake flavor before it was announced, says that the Kit Kat cookies and cream is part of the Duos line. The first color-blocked installment was Mint + Dark Chocolate Duos that came out in December 2019.

It appears that the owner of @junkfoodleaks_ works at Hershey’s in some capacity. This is the same account that accurately leaked Oreo’s new Olympics cookies and Fudge Brownie M&M’s, so we have high hopes that they’re not wrong about Kit Kat’s cookies and cream flavor.

“As I sprinted out of the factory with only these in my pocket, I overheard a few people saying that there’s no official name on them yet, but judging by the look and taste, it’s cookies and cream,” the caption says. “No official word on the packaging either, but my guess is it’ll be just like the other duos package, just with white and black color blocking.”

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