LA Crips Trademarks Nipsey Hussle's Slogan 'The Marathon Continues' to Provide Community Service


Nipsey Hussle was a known member of the Rollin’ 60s Crips in Los Angeles up until the day he passed, and now his locs want to pick up his baton.

The Blast reports that the Crips holding company filed to register  "The Marathon Continues,”  to be used in a mixture of services, including “arranging and conducting youth sports programs.”

The application was filed on May 16th.

Other services listed for Nipsey Hussle’s catchphrase include “developing educational manuals for others in the field of community organizing, gang prevention” and “gang intervention.”

The application also states that entertainment services will be provided by both Crips and Bloods. They also look to release a documentary this Summer titled The Marathon Continues which will be available on “all streaming platforms.”

The Crips first registered their LLC in 2018, along with the Bloods street gang, who registered Bloods LLC.

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