Story Time : Right Place at The Right Time

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One time I was on my way home I forgot I moved and went to my old address and still had the key , got there and opened up the door just to remember that I have moved out just five days ago...(with all the stress at my new job I guess I was just too tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.) Standing on the inside of the apartment I realized that I now lived two hours away from the location I was at now ... The apartment was empty as no one had moved in yet. The lights and gas was still on, So I slept on the floor of the empty apartment. It was very spooky, I don't think I was scared but it was weird that . The next day I got robbed, well that night I didn't come home my apartment was "burglarize" lol I wish I was there altho people say it was a blessing that I made that mistake or laps in judgment. You never know what could've happened to you.
I came home to a kicked in door, tub was full of water as of someone was about to take a soak in the tub. The lights was on and food and snacks was missing . I don't watch TV so it wasn't stolen lol nothing really of value in the place was taken. I don't know maybe destiny ?
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