The supermodel reveals that she’s retired from the runways and stars in new film

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 The film is recalling the roughest times of her life , channeling it through her sublime performance in  "Goldie".

Slick Woods & "Goldie" have a good deal in common with the model and actress. Both of their mothers were arrested, leaving them to fend for themselves at a young age. Both consistently struggled to make money and find somewhere to sleep. But Goldie is a scripted drama with its own flourishes and fiction; over a period of just a few days, 18-year-old Goldie watches as her mother is arrested in front of her and her two younger sisters. Determined to become a star and provide for her family before Child Protective Services separates them, Goldie goes on a mission to land a spot in a music video and buy a canary yellow fur coat to complete her video girl look. Street shots of Goldie racing through the Bronx—Woods herself largely grew up in L.A.—give way to fantastical visions of Goldie in her aspirational yellow ensemble, alone and out of time.

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