UPDATE: Director John Singleton’s daughter disputes that he’s in a coma

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John Singleton’s daughter disputed his mother’s account that he’s in a coma in a court filing Friday, saying that he’s recovering from an April 17 stroke. Cleopatra Singleton, 19, said in the declaration filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that doctors are still determining the condition of her 51-year-old father.
she goes to say “My father is not in a coma,” Cleopatra Singleton writes in the document. She adds that although doctors “do not have a concrete diagnosis, my dad is progressing every day. My father is breathing on his own. He is only medically sedated to keep his blood pressure low and allow the vessels in his brain to heal.” 
Cleopatra Singleton said her father’s mother, Shelia Ward, is misrepresenting his condition as she seeks to become his conservator and make medical and financial decisions for him.
A form from a doctor at Singleton’s hospital filed with the court by Ward’s lawyer Thursday says John Singleton is incapacitated and can’t make his own decisions, but it doesn’t address whether he’s in a coma.
Cleopatra Singleton opposes her grandmother becoming conservator, and she suggests another family member, possibly his father or eldest son, assume the role.
An email to Ward’s attorney seeking comment Friday was not immediately answered.
The filing suggests a rift between Singleton’s mother and children that precedes his stroke.

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