Who Is:  Tobe Nwigwe

Who Is: Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe Nwigwe is an enigma who has a singular goal in life: “to make purpose popular.” The first-generation-Nigerian kid from Alief (Houston, TX) who had a scholarship to play college ball and dreams of playing in the NFL, saw those dreams dashed by a career-ending foot injury his senior year. In his despair, he turned to his faith and found a new calling; he would teach others to “move through purpose.” Long before he ever put pen to paper and called himself a rapper, Tobe was speaking to rooms full of students through his self-started nonprofit foundation, TEAM GINI, educating them on the merits of a purpose-driven existence.. He first received attention in 2014 for singles such as "Been Grinding" and "Coulda Woulda Shoulda," which appeared on his EP Pardon My Lateness. He became heavily productive in 2017, releasing Tobe from the Swat and two Get Twisted Sundays mixtapes over the course of the year. Numerous singles and videos appeared throughout 2018; many of the tracks appeared on The Originals and More Originals. Through tremendous consistency and execution, Tobe has attracted fans across the globe, including culture heavy-weights: Erykah Badu, Sway Calloway, Dave Chappelle and many more.
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