Who was  Jimmy "Super Rhymes" Spicer

Who was Jimmy "Super Rhymes" Spicer

Who is : Jimmy "Super Rhymes" Spicer 

James Bromley Spicer was an American hip hop recording artist who released a number of old school rap singles during the late 1970s and early 1980s including the old school tap classic "Dollar Bill Y'all," for which he was perhaps best known. Spicer was managed by Russell Simmons' Rush Management.  

Hip Hop pioneer Jimmy “Super Rhymes” Spicer has lost his battle with cancer. According to veteran New York City promoter Van Silk, he passed away on Friday (September 27) afternoon.

“Jimmy was supposed to perform at the 46th Anniversary Of Hip Hip this past Saturday (September 21),” he wrote. “The last time we talked was in August, but I got a call from his daughter Angelina that her father will not be able to perform. Jimmy asked me to do him a favor.

“Please make sure that the rights to his song ‘Dollar Bill Y’all’ revert back to his family and I told him I will make the connection and put your family in touch!! We were able to have an award for him which will be presented to his family from last week event. EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN’T MAKE IT TO PERFORM, HE WAS THERE ANYWAY. MAY YOU SLEEP WELL MY BROTHER.”
.Adventures Of Super Rhyme Jimmy Spicer - 1980 : Below 


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